From Executive Producer Gina Corpuz, with Stourwater Pictures and Director/Producer Lucy Ostrander, “Honor thy Mother” documents “the untold story of 36 Aboriginal women from Canada and Native women from tribes in Washington and Alaska who migrated to Bainbridge Island, the traditional territory of the Suquamish people, in the early 1940s.” (Stourwater)  Debuting at the West Sound Film Festival in  2021, “Honor thy Mother” received broad reaching recognition and praise from educators, historians, press and community organizations alike.  Of the documentary, Brian Niiya of the Densho Encyclopedia wrote, “I watched Honor Thy Mother and found it compelling: infuriating and heartbreaking on the one hand, but also inspiring and uplifting on the other. ”

Corpuz told the Kitsap Sun she believes the documentary is a “powerful teaching tool,” and that its purpose is “educational and to bring communities together.”  Stourwater Pictures has noted that it expects the documentary to be available for wider distribution in the fall of 2021.

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